Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mrs. Meckley

Okay, I had this BIG long post typed up about how great the wedding was. And then it got deleted. Back to the drawing board!

October 12, 2013, was a pretty great day. I'd been waiting to marry Josh for 7 years and 9 months, so to say that I'd been looking forward to this day was an understatement. (Well, technically, I'd wanted to marry him since I first saw him back when I was in 8th grade. But who's counting)? I stayed the night with my MOH Alex and some of our Omaha friends before the wedding and it was so great to wake up with her at 7:30 in the morning and have someone there to hug and be just as excited as I was. Colette made some killer breakfast food, so we all got to sit around, eat a little and laugh before heading up to the salon to get hair and make-up done!

After hair and make-up, Danielle, Lindsay, Alex and I piled into Alex's car and headed towards the church. Josh and I were going to do a first look, but before that we had written each other letters and let me tell you, Josh blew mine out of the water! He not only wrote me an amazing letter, but he gave me back the FIRST letter I ever mailed him back when we first started dating and I was still living at Central. Josh is honestly my soul mate and I don't think I'll ever find someone to willing love me as much as he does. Seeing Josh for the first time after that was probably the most nervous I had been all day! My heart was pounding when I saw him standing there, ah! It was perfect though and I'm glad we decided to do the first glance instead of wait to see each other walking down the aisle, mostly because I can't even tell you what I looked at while I walked down the aisle haha.

The ceremony was beautiful and we played "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban while we did our hourglass ceremony. Kind of like a sand ceremony, only you pour the sand into an hourglass and then every year on your anniversary you flip the hourglass. It's made to show your lives intertwining more with all the years that pass.

The reception was so fun, and I was so humbled by the amount of people who showed up to celebrate our love! Our first dance was "Hypnotize the Moon" by Clay Walker, since we wanted something a little less traditional. I ordered purple uplighting and put it around the reception hall and behind us for a backdrop and I absolutely LOVE the impact it made! So pretty! I was in love with our reception once it was finished and I feel like I look at pictures of that so much more often than I thought I would. :)

On Monday we headed out to Nassau, Bahamas, where we stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian. It was so much fun! The people in the Bahamas are great and the food was super delicious too (I developed a love of conch fritters!). We swam with dolphins, went to the straw market, snorkeled (my first time!), and just had a lot of fun together. It was nice to just spend time the two of us since it seemed like that never happened with all the wedding stuff and my MS classes. I was glad to be home though and getting back into the swing of things has been fun. Now just looking forward to Christmas! :)

I still love seeing my new name and signing for it. It's been an adventure at school because I still get a lot of "Miss Kauer's", but to me it's kind of weird to hear "Mrs. Meckley". I've even gotten a few "Miss Kauuu-ley" haha. They've been fun. Okay, now I'll stop and post pics!

First look
Love this pic before the ceremony!
Mr. & Mrs. Meckley!
The sun was setting when we took pictures and it was perfect!
One of my favorite pictures
Reception Pictures:
One of the five different centerpieces & some uplighting!
Lindsay & Me
First day as Mr. & Mrs.!

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